Obsessed with a whole lot, some of which include:

-Captain Swan
-Killian Jones
-Emma Swan
-Colin O'Donoghue
-New Girl
-Zooey Deschanel
-Nick MillerxJessica Day
-David Borneaz
-American Horror Story
-Evan Peters
-Isaac Lahey
-Daniel Sharman
-Delena (I've liked them since the books so I focus on that ship)
-Kol Mikaelson
-Ian Somerhalder
-Nate Buzolic
-Stiles Stilinski
-Lydia Martin
-Holland Roden
-Dylan O'Brien
-Jennifer Lawrence
-Ryan Gosling
-Emma Stone
-The Avengers
-Chris Evans
-Jeremy Renner
-Beautiful Creatures
-The Mortal Instruments
-The Hunger Games
-Dave Franco
-Theo James
-Shailene Woodley
-Max Irons
-Cyrus the Genie
-Alice and Cyrus
-Knave of Hearts
-The Tomorrow People
-John Young
-Country Music
-Luke Bryan
-Josh Turner
-Hunter Hayes
-One Direction
-Niall Horan
-Reality Television

Most of the time I'm at school or work but I try to at least check in once a day ;)

*And I don't own any of the gifs I use, those belong to the talented people who can actually create them


The Klaroline Law

No person or organization may delete, omit, destroy, or hold any Klaroline scene. Any and all moments filmed with the characters Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes must be included in the episode and made available to viewers. If need be, one may cut out scenes with any other character to make room.

Failure to comply with this law is in violation of the 8th amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment.

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